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Table of Contents

  • 1. The Pearl of Awakening
    • The Genesis of a Woman, the Jacaranda blossoming
      Catherine Beeckman, Argentina
    • Painting a Picture of me
      Marijke Delen B., Canada
    • Learning to Swim
      Haim Park, South Korea
    • I laid my Body
      Maria Antequera, Argentina
    • Twelve Moons
      Marie JJMG, Switzerland

  • 2. The Pearl of a Child
    • My Hindi Lullaby, my Baby
      Aditi, India
    • Two Mothers, two Loves
      Cristina Roche, Colombia
    • Kinderwens. Child Desire
      Huguette Cornillie, Belgium
    • I do not want it
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • I want the wrong Thing
      Ana Jespersen, Denmark

  • 3. The Pearl of Mother
    • Life Cycle
      Denita, USA
    • Kneeling in the Hallway
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • Self Portrait of a Confession
      R.V.I., Belgium
    • For Mom
      Paula Saporiti, Uruguay
    • The Reason Why
      Anonymous, Chile

  • 4. The Pearl of Love
    • The Amorous Battle
      Marisa Estelrich, USA
    • Look at Me
      Maria Antequera, Argentina
    • Die Zoen. The Kiss, from a Woman to a Woman
      Karin Hougaard, South Africa
    • Falling Rose Petals
      Ohnmar Win, Myanmar

  • 5. The Pearl of Disillusion
    • The final Period
      Cynthia Jaramillo, Ecuador
    • Bob by the Pond
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • Logorrhea or Silence. A hybrid Dialogue
      Juana Lende, Argentina

  • 6. The Pearl of Sexuality
    • Sex in the City
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • A Nightingale on your Stem
      Marisa Estelrich, USA
    • “Harpy” of the cell phone: Sexting.
      Anonymous, USA
    • Sex in Tokyo: Sex…?
      Catherine Beeckman, Japan

  • 7. The Pearl of Political Conflict
    • The first Day in the Life of a Cuban-American
      Sylvia Amarilis, Cuba
    • I great You, Maria full of Grace
      Catherine Beeckman, USA/Congo
    • Crossing Borders, crossing Limits
      María de Jesús García Sánchez, Mexico
    • A mixed Couple: the Politics of Love
      Tina, Angel and Lauren, USA
    • I am an African. If I am white?
      Karin Hougaard, South Africa
    • Dearest Amalia
      Lucia Marroquin, Argentina
    • Perspectives
      Deboleena Mazumbar, India

  • 8. The Pearl of Social Commitment
    • 10,000 Girls in Kaolak
      Catherine Beeckman and Viola Vaughn, Senegal
    • Innocent and fragile Victims of a Cataclysm
      Olivia Owen, Haiti
    • Tohoku Earthquake
      Catherine Beeckman, Japan
    • A fantastic anti-plastic Mother
      Valérie Lecoeur, USA

  • 9. The Pearl of Culinary Gems
    • Irreverent Recipe!
      Jean Stevens, USA
    • A blog: gleaned and picked in Nature
      Cécile Conti, France
    • A heroic Fair
      Catherine Beeckman, USA

  • 10. The Pearl of Illness
    • An ordinary Day
    • Udderly ridiculous. The X-ray of a Nipple
      Anonymous, Germany
    • A Message to my Enemy
      Eurydice L. White, USA
    • An endless Appetite for Desires
      Catherine Beeckman, Belgium

  • 11. The Pearl of Time that ages Us
    • A Castaway of Time
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • Ruin of a Woman
      Amalia Saporiti Amorin, Spain
    • Horse
      Lucia Arroquin, Argentina

  • 12. The Pearl of Death
    • The Loss of a Child
      C d.W., Switzerland
    • Our Northern Star
      Marijke Delen B., Canada
    • In Black
      Amailia Saporiti Amorin, Spain
    • Elephants by a babbling Brook
      Kelly dal Pozzo, USA

  • 13. The spiritual Pearl
    • Zen Meditation in Kamakura
      Catherine Beeckman, Japan
    • Karen’s Morning Prayer to the Lord
      Karen Fishler, USA
    • Redemption
      Tina Haynie, Kenya

  • 14. The Pearl of Poetry and Essays
    • I want to return
      Nené Lucero, Argentina
    • A very committed Bicker
      Catherine Beeckman, USA
    • Waiting
      Paula Saporiti, Argentina
    • The Knitter
      Susana Maria Bavio, Argentina
    • El Curro, nothing more
      Marisa Estelrich, Spain
    • PAD
      Laurabeth Gill, South Africa

  • 15. Chapter 15