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Final Words

Listen to this true story…

“One day, a group of Australian aborigines was wandering about an arid landscape, accompanied by an ethnologist.  This ethnologist, who was carefully making note of all his adventures, observed that from time to time, the group, composed primarily of men and women, would stop for a rather long time.  They would not stop to eat, look at something, sit, or rest.  They would just stop.  After two or three stops, the ethnologist asked them why. 

“It is very simple,” they replied, “we are awaiting our souls.” 

The ethnologist then understood that every once in a while, the souls would stop along the path to look, feel, or listen to something that the body could not or would not register.”

Our souls have invisible needs that are concealed to the body. They take nourishment from the world’s beauty (…), from knowledge, from education, from wisdom (…), from sharing, from justice, and from brotherhood.

An excerpt from “L’Âme du Monde” of Frederic Lenoir, editorial NiL, 2012

You too, wait for your soul, which is still wandering throughout the pages of this book; and nourish it by sharing what you have.

My sincere belief is that we feed our souls with what we are capable of giving.

It is up to you to decide…

You have read; your heart has been touched; your mind has been shaken…
Each text calls to something within us, points to a shortfall in a world we can improve.

Click here for a list of organizations that intervene in the everyday lives of women and children in today’s world.  Follow your affinities or your preferences, choose one, and give something…now.

If you are aware of organizations close to your home that:
improve education, contribute to school programs, create continuing education workshops, help in the adoption of children, social rehabilitation, and detoxification processes, encourage sex education and the prevention of teen pregnancy, finance medical research and biotechnology, work toward cancer prevention, help adolescents exhibiting suicidal behaviors or help young anorexic girls, promote the civil rights of women and children, such as in the case of political asylum, fight child trafficking or child pornography, fight against hunger, demand a cleaner and healthier world, less contaminated surroundings…doubt it no more.

The foundations chosen hereafter are those, which I have worked with throughout the course of my life. They are just a few references. Choose one of them or be generous with any other foundation that you may know.But do not leave this lecture unfinished, do not betray this anthology, do not lose your pearls of wisdom.

Your gesture will converge into a movement of global compassion.